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We seek to collaborate with exceptional artists and athletes that reflect LaSphera’s philosophy and values of quality, excellence, craftsmanship, creativity and elegance to develop rare and inspiring sport related glass design pieces.

Along with the physical art, we are aware of the intersection of the physical and digital worlds. We understand the embrace of digital assets and we are working with athletes at the top of their sport on an NFT non-fungible token. A unique art piece with a modern twist built on the back of blockchain.

NFTs are a hot commodity at the moment and we will capitalize on it by allowing the traditional art collector to own an incredibly unique sports inspired art piece with distinct artistic creativity and as rare and unique as the athlete that it represents.

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We offer our very own sports glass designs that are developed by LaSphera and produced by our glasswork partners in the Czech Republic. We strive for the highest quality and that is why we make sure to collaborate only with the best designers, producers and suppliers. Upon request we can also customize our glass spheres with initials, names, numbers and even logos. If interested feel free to contact us.

A move forward from our art spheres collection to a more functional design collection is intended to be enjoyed by all and not just sport lovers. There will be a few pretty straight-forward design pieces like our glass silvered sphere vases and our wine carafe, others will have much more innovative design and technological additions.   

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LaSphera is also offering unique glass designs at auctions where a certain percentage of the proceeds is going towards charitable funds. This practice is in alignment with LaSphera’s commitment to contribute to charitable causes.

This aspect of our overall mission goes hand in hand with our collaborations with the top athletes to auction their digital art and to hold private sales of products that were created specifically for and with the help of athletes at the top of their respective sport.

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