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The first Braxton Berrios NFT collection – a fusion between the digital and physical

Everything about the Braxton Berrios All-Pro NFT collection

In honor of NFL wide receiver Braxtron Berrios’ remarkable season performances and his All-Pro selection LaSphera and Mazing Xr partnered with Berrios for a very special NFT and physical crystal football collection. The first Braxton Berrios collection, which is the Braxton Berrios All-Pro collection will consist of 10 Silver Crystal Football NFTs. What makes this collection special is that each NFT is tied to a real-world asset which is the Braxton Berrios Silver Crystal Football. Thus, by buying the NFT one will also unlock a gift code with which one can order the physical Braxton Berrios Silver Crystal Football free of charge by simply entering the gift code in the Braxton Berrios Silver Crystal Football checkout process on LaSphera’s website.

The NFT release of the Braxton Berrios All-Pro collection will consist of two rounds, each offering 5 NFTs. The second round will offer an environment that is slightly different from the first NFT release round, yet will maintain the same key features. On top of receiving the physical football as well, one randomly selected buyer of each round will win a signed Braxton Berrios picture.
This NFT collection is tied to something much greater. All owners of this collection will become part of an exclusive sports community with Braxton which will be based on mutual interests, namely sports and arts. Connect with us on Instagram and Twitter to receive further information regarding the community building.


Jan 30: Official Braxton Berrios NFT collection announcement

Learn more about how to connect with Braxton Berrios, LaSphera, and Mazing Xr to discuss Braxton's season, the NFT release and more. Stay tuned and follow Braxton and LaSphera on social Instagram and Twitter.

Jan 30: Release of first 5 NFTs

The first 5 out of 10 Braxton Berrios NFTs from the collection will get released. You can bid for them on Open Sea

Feb 17: Release of the other 5 NFTs

The second half of the 10 piece Braxton Berrios collection will get released.

March: Further NFT collection announcement

Stay tuned for further NFT collection announcements. Don't miss out!

View the Silver Braxton Berrios Football in AR

How do I order the physical crystal football after acquiring the NFT?

After the acquiring the NFT the gift code will automatically get unlocked to the buyer. The NFT owner can then proceed to order the Braxton Berrios Silver Football on LaSphera’s e-shop free of charge by inserting the gift code in the coupon field during the checkout process.

How many Braxton Berrios NFTs will be released?

The initial Braxton Berrios All-Pro NFT collection which is tied to the Braxton Berrios Silver Crystal Football will consist of 10 NFTs.

Where can I acquire the NFT?

The Braxton Berrios All-Pro NFT collection will be available on the Open Sea Marketplace.

Who designed the Braxton Berrios NFTs?

The Braxton Berrios All-Pro collection was designed and created by LaSphera together with Mazing Xr and Braxton Berrios.

Bohemian Crystal

All crystal spheres by LaSphera are handmade in the traditional glassmaking region of Bohemia, a region known for its long-lasting history and outstanding reputation in the glassmaking industry.

Our tech partner company

Mazing Xr is an extended reality company specializing in a variety of technologies such as VR, AR, filters, and NFTs. Mazing Xr is LaSphera’s tech partner in the creation of the NFTs.

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