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Values & Philosophy


We seek to collaborate with exceptional artists and athletes that reflect LaSphera’s philosophy and values of quality, excellence, craftsmanship, creativity and elegance to develop rare and inspiring sport related glass design pieces.

Physical & Digital


Along with the physical art, we are aware of the intersection of the physical and digital worlds. We understand the emergence of digital assets and we are working with top athletes on very special non-fungible tokens (NFTs). A unique art piece with a modern twist built on the back of blockchain.

Tradition & Innovation

A Hot Commodity

NFTs are a hot commodity at the moment and we will capitalize on it by allowing the traditional art collector to own an incredibly unique sports inspired art piece with distinct artistic creativity and as rare and unique as the athlete that it represents.

Braxton Berrios

Braxton Berrios La Sphera

Braxton’s Words

“In the LaSphera football collection we bring together true craftsmanship and a love for the game resulting in unique and elegant glass art”

LaSphera’s partnership with NFL receiver Braxton Berrios

LaSphera is delighted to announce the partnership with NFL wide receiver Braxton Berrios who currently plays for the New York Jets. Berrios began his NFL career with the New England Patriots, where he was part of the NFL winning championship team, after being drafted back in 2018. Berrios switched sides in 2019 and is currently wearing the New York Jets jersey.

Berrios’s background is truly remarkable and inspirational as he succeeded not just on the football field but also in his academic life. Berrios graduated from the University of Miami as Valedictorian of the School of Business Administration with a double major in Finance and Entrepreneurship. Meanwhile he was a 4-Year starter and Captain on the Football team. Due to his persistence and hard work Berrios grew to become not just a professional athlete but also a leader and role model.


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