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“Everything we do, we do to celebrate the beauty and impact of sports and arts. We believe in a sense of belonging and accomplishment. We do so by facilitating true Bohemian craftsmanship resulting in elegant and inspiring sports designs of the highest quality that appeal to memorable moments, timeless aesthetics, and heritage. All of this is contained in our sports spheres.”

Born from the mutual love of sports and arts.

Elegant contemporary sphere designs.


LaSphera’s mission is to combine traditional glassmaking with elegant and unique contemporary designs to master the art of luxury sports glass making.


To create unique, elegant and inspiring art pieces for sports and design lovers all over the world to appeal to memorable moments, hard work and inspiration.


We take pride in always supporting the local community of the glassmaking Bohemian region and we pledge our financial support to charitable funds.

Quality & Craftmanship

The Journey

LaSphera was inspired by the incredible quality and craftsmanship of the glass industry of Bohemia. Along with an incredible love for the sports and the arts, we decided to fuse those two passions together. Each Sport in itself is an art and every athlete strives to add to the creativity of his or her chosen sport.

We aim to celebrate that by creating high quality beautiful artistic objects that reflect the inner flame in each athlete and nothing represents that better than a sphere forged in fire.

After visiting many studios and after many trials and errors one company stood out in terms of finesse and quality in their craftsmanship.


Our main glassworks partner has been around for a long time and still uses the same methods that have been used for hundreds of years.

Located in Novy Bor, our glass producer is at the heart of the Bohemian glass industry. The area provides ideal conditions for the craft and abundant stocks of wood used for fuel, raw material and molds. The area is famed for their glass blowers, painters, cutters and engravers. Not much has changed in the hand-blown artistic glass, only the gas furnaces instead of charcoal and the cooling process is technically more advanced. The wooden molds and blowing pipes used to make the spheres are the same technique used hundreds of years ago. This is why the LaSphera sphere is unique in that it requires human labor that cannot be replaced by machines, and we are proud to keep that tradition and heritage alive.

Every step requires advanced skills and specialized techniques and precision in order to turn the glass into the sphere you see. Every sphere is handmade and hand crafted and cannot be machine made. And in the pursuit of global environmental sustainability and our love for regional production even our packaging is hand made in the Czech Republic. Although it would have been cost- effective to buy from Asia, we are firm in our commitment to the Czech glass industry, our suppliers and the highest quality possible. The area is famed and a pioneer in the art of glass making, and this allows us to help continue this valued tradition. 


LaSphera’s crystal spheres are produced in the traditional glassmaking region of Bohemia in the Czech Republic, where this craftsmanship has been passed down over many generations. We are committed to keeping that heritage and tradition alive by working together with the most skilled and experienced glass makers in the region. This handcrafted process results in artistic and unique sports design art pieces unlike anything else.

Community Pride & Sustainability

We take pride in supporting the local community especially in these challenging times. Our hand made products as well as our packaging are made in the glassmaking region of Bohemia, helping local jobs and promoting the distinct character and uniqueness of the region. Which is also part of our sustainable business practices.

Fostering and Celebrating Sports

LaSphera was born out of mutual love for sports and the arts. Which is why we pledge our financial support to charitable funds. Furthermore, we will organize Sports events for children to participate in.

We will donate to the local community to promote sports and arts, especially amongst children, since LaSphera was born out of a love for sports and we cherish and value its importance and impact on well-being, health and teamwork and consider sports as crucial in children’s development.

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