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The ultimate home décor: Glass spheres



You can tell when you enter your home that the décor is distinctive to you. It serves as a place for introspection and relaxation in the privacy of your own home. There is nothing more personal than your home décor, which is why we launched LaSphera: The ideal home accessory which was inspired by a love for sports that will allow you to create a genuinely unique atmosphere in your living room or office. 

Hand blown glass spheres

Glass spheres are a wonderful way to give your house a distinctive feel. They can be arranged in a variety of ways throughout the home, such as as sports trophies in the workplace or as tasteful, distinctive home décor pieces that draw attention in the living room. 

You can select the color and size that best suits your project’s or style needs from a wide variety that is offered. You can also think outside of the box by for instance placing the glass sphere as part of an art installation by hanging it upside-down on hooks close to where the lightbulbs would typically hang if you’re looking for something more elaborate than simply setting it on a table (or other piece of furniture). Because who is to say how you are supposed to design your home décor? It is your home feel free to get creative with your home décor. 

Customize your own glass ball

Glass spheres by LaSphera come in a variety of sizes, sports ball shapes, and colors. You may additionally personalize your sphere by selecting from a variety of engraving options. 

LaSphera indeed provides a wide range of customizing options. The most popular type is engraving. You name it: names, logos, silhouettes, numerals, initials, even short sentences! Yet, we do not end there. Reach out to us if you have a specific concept in mind for customizing your sphere, and we will look into it together. 

A bespoke LaSphera glass sphere can be used to immortalize an achievement or serve as a one-of-a-kind and personalized present for a friend. 

Inspiration for the home décor of your dreams

A company called LaSphera makes distinctive, high-end glass spheres for sports. The glass spheres come in a range of shapes, sizes, and finishes, including polished and sandblasted. They may be used to adorn any area in your house, but offices are particularly well suited to them because they create a lively focal point. 

LaSphera is changing the game for interior decorators

LaSphera is a new way to elevate your home décor. The spheres are made of glass and can be used as a decorative item or as an art piece on their own. They’re also very versatile, so you can mix and match different colors to create even more interesting looks and designs!

When it comes to decorating your home, there are tons of options out there—but none of them bring this uniqueness, quality glass production, and sports reference to the table. LaSphera gives you creative freedom without having access to expensive materials like marble or granite (or even wood). You’ll never have another problem finding something new again because now everything will look better than ever before!

Take aways

LaSphera’s glass spheres are a must-have for anyone who wishes to bring alive fond sports memories or who wants one’s home décor to stand out. At LaSphera we are constantly looking for new unique designs by working with the best glass makers and designers. Visit our eshop or reach out to us to elevate your home décor now with LaSphera.

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